History of Pro Fabrication Headers & Exhaust


1995 - ProFabrication, Inc. was started in the back building of a NASCAR Cup race team complex - utilizing about 1200 square feet - as a part-time venture for founder, Steve Sousley. Steve had always dreamt of owning his own business, crafting a specialized, hand-fabricated product that he could be proud to put his name on. That first year, Steve built 23 headers.

1997 - Within a year Steve had gone full time and, soon after, hired a fabricator and an office manager to help part-time.

1998 - ProFabrication had 3 full time and 2 part-time employees, had expanded into 3000 sq. ft., and was making plans to expand the shop with an additional 5000 sq. ft. building.

2004 - ProFabrication had outgrown their 8,000 sq. ft. work space and moved into their current 24,000 sq. ft. building.

2009 - ProFab had grown to 14 full-time employees and 7 part-time employees building 200-300 sets of headers per year.

2017 - ProFabrication became an approved supplier to the Indy Car market.

2018 - The company acquired Coast Fab, a muffler business. After training with their fabricators at the CA facility, the equipment and manufacturing moved to ProFab’s shop in Concord, NC. Now ProFab manufactures mufflers in-house as an additional product line for the race teams they serve.

Today - ProFabrication Inc. employs 40 full time and 3 part-time dedicated and hard-working people and builds 1000-1200 headers per year.

In addition to the headers and mufflers, ProFabrication, Inc. rolls and bends their own tubing, builds tailpipes, in-house CNC mandrel bending, fabricates their own merge collectors, and does all of them currently in 3 different types of metal in 5 different gauges. The outstanding team of problem solvers at ProFabrication, Inc. can make just about any header for any chassis in racing today.