Steve Sousley

Steve Sousley

The following excerpt is from a project Steve did in High School to predict how his future might look:

Sept. 21, 1983

In ten years from now I plan to own a home in the country. I’d like it to be small and pretty much care free so I have time to do other things rather than mow yard or repair the house.

In ten to twenty years I’d like to own a small business that includes welding, machining, and a good sense of drafting. I’d like it to be a kind of fabricating shop that designs and builds a product that a customer describes but doesn’t know how to build it. I’d like the job to include machine work because I like to work with machinery. I also like the feeling of accomplishment once the job is done and you know it will work.

Steve was pretty good at predicting his future.

“Be careful what you wish for, because it may come true.”

- Steve Sousley


He does have a modest house in the country but mows his yard and does his own house repairs.

Steve started in the racing industry at the age of 16 working on Dirt Modifieds in PA. He then moved to Southern California to attend Chaffey College where he earned an Associate Degree in Race Car Technology in 1992. He was delighted to start his professional career in motorsports at Rahmoc, a NASCAR Cup team, the #75 car driven by Dick Trickle & Todd Bodine.

  • 1990 - Graduated Chaffey College, Rancho Cucamonga, CA with a degree in Automotive Technology
  • 1992 - 1995 – pit crew for the #75 Cup Car, engine builder, and fabricator
  • 1995 - Founded ProFabrication Inc. The second paragraph of his prediction describes ProFabrication today.

Acknowledgments of the people that have helped and been inspirational along his career:

Roy & Linda Sousley

My parents for the work ethic that they drove into me and all the time they dedicated to helping me start this business.

Wilbert Liebars

A neighbor for pushing me to live out a dream.

Robert Kreider

High School Tool & Die instructor, mentoring me for the VICA competition to win the PA State Tool & Die Award

Kent Fiske

College professor, encouragement to focus on the details of building a race car. Inspired me to move south, he saw the factory support and growth in NASCAR.

Karl Kainhofer

First Roger Penske employee & lead mechanic for Penske Racing from 1965 – Karl set the bar high with his work ethic and attention to detail. Karl not only inspired me but pushed me to head south to utilize my metal working skills.

Butch Mock

Owner of Butch Mock Motorsports 1993-1999 - #75 NASCAR Cup Team. Butch was extremely supportive as I started my business. He said build it and I will buy it, as long as it’s competitive. I knew at the time this was an opportunity I should not pass up.

Bob Rahilly

Part owner of the #75 Rahmoc Cup Team entry. For giving me my first professional job in racing and my first professional job as a header builder.

Dick Rahilly

For his support and encouragement as a fellow co-worker and as a friend through many years.

Donna Miller

Aunt Donna set up the general ledger and has kept a close eye on all the finances of the business ever since.

Eileen Sousley

My wife of 19 years and life-long companion. For her patience and understanding when I work way to late or don’t call. For listening to my ups and downs and encouraging me to keep going.